Choosing the right MTB shoes to use on your rides is of paramount importance, as they are one of the three points of contact between you and your bike.

The right sole for your discipline

MTB enthusiasts have to choose between ordinary cycling shoes or flat-soled shoes for flat pedals. Both types have their pros and cons and may be better suited for one discipline or the other.
If in the case of cross country or xc marathon, spd pedals are obligatory, in the case of all-mountain the choice is subjective and depends very much on personal taste. Finally, in gravity disciplines, such as freeriding, flat shoes are in vogue. In this type of discipline, it is essential to be able to move your feet freely.
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Why choose a flat shoe?

If, on the other hand, you have already decided to choose a flat shoe, you have come to the right place. This type of shoe is more comfortable and is suitable if you also plan to do some walking or use them every day. Flat MTB shoes are particularly recommended if you are a beginner, as they will allow you to feel more confident and place your foot more comfortably and quickly on the ground in case you lose your balance. On the other hand, they offer less efficiency when pedalling, as there is no traction on the pedals but only pushing.
In flat shoes the sole plays a central role as it must offer the best possible grip in all conditions of use. Northwave has collaborated with Michelin in the development of two different soles.

Our Michelin soles

The Michelin Gravity FPS is much more than just a sole. Thanks to a system designed with three different elements, the Gravity FPS guarantees total control over the pedal in all circumstances. The rubber tread, made with the exclusive Gecko+ compound offers unrivalled grip in all conditions, and extends to the toe and arch area for additional support and protection.

A unique TPU midsole designed with calibrated stiffness offers better control over the pedal. Finally, the Eva midsole lightens the shoe and provides excellent shock absorption. The Gravity FPS Michelin is used in the Clan 2, combined with a heat-sealed upper that is abrasion-resistant and breathable thanks to the large mesh inserts. A mesh tongue that combines protection and breathability completes the picture. Thanks to the non-stretch lace-up closure and a special elastic lace stopper band, you only have to think about having fun, without the risk of the laces getting caught in the crown.

The Gravity Michelin sole is instantly recognisable with its skateboard-inspired design and is also constructed with the Gecko compound co-developed with Michelin and Northwave. A thin Eva midsole improves shock absorption, significantly enhancing comfort and performance.
The lug design is more aggressive to provide greater traction when walking even on the muddiest trails.

Both the Tailwhip and the Tribe 2 are made with the Michelin Gravity sole. The Tailwhips are made with a canvas upper and heel reinforcement. The non-stretch laces are secured with a special lace stopper band. The Tribe 2 differs from the Tailwhip in that it features a suede upper with large breathable mesh inserts and the added protection they offer. Both the toe and heel are made with rubberised anti-abrasion print reinforcements and the toe is also reinforced internally. Again, thanks to the presence of an elastic lace fastening band, you can enjoy your hike without any worries.

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