From park rides to easy powder runs, choose the right Northwave Drake board for you. It doesn't matter if you're a hardcore rider or a newbie, Northwave has the perfect snowboard for everything from All Mountain to Freestyle.

The Drake boards for pros and experienced enthusiasts are the Team, also available in the Team Kohei graphic variant. A stiff board with excellent response and an impressive switch will allow you to make


fantastic evolutions. It is suitable for different types of snow and tracks, making it suitable for multiple uses. If you are looking for an all mountain snowboard, the Northwave Team board is the one for you.

If freestyle is your passion, the DF Team board is the one for you. An outstanding switch, and at the same time excellent stiffness and responsiveness. The design is fantastic, your board will be able to take the scene.

The Squad, League and Df boards are ideal for those looking for a product that is more flexible, but still guarantees a pleasant and exciting riding experience. They are particularly suitable for all-mountain terrain.

Passionate about Freestyle? The Urban board is the one for you. Its medium rigidity and ability to make sudden switches will allow you to perform all the evolutions you want just as you imagined them.

Is powder snow your passion? The Battle Rusty and Cocktail boards are suitable for this particular surface. They are also very well suited to Freestyle and All Mountain.

Drake snowboards are made with a unique attention to detail, and the designs available are truly fantastic and appreciated by the entire snowboarding community, even by those who use different brands. These are distinctive boards that bring out your personality to the fullest.

Snowboards for women are also available, with designs created by real artists. If you want to combine your snowboard with bindings and boots, you'll find everything you're looking for at Choose the board that suits your riding level and start having fun with our snowboards.

For more technical information on snowboards or if you have any doubts about the size of your snowboard, we are on hand to resolve any doubts so that your shopping experience on is flawless.