Cycling Shoes

Cycling Shoes








Every single piece of equipment is important for a cyclist and bike shoes are certainly one of the most critical.

Bike shoes are specially designed for cycling and can have a flat sole, perfect for commuting and MTB, or a 2 or 3-hole sole that connects to the pedals, increasing transfer of pedalling power. Bike shoes have a more rigid sole than normal outdoor shoes and feature dial, lace-up and/or velcro fastenings. Bike shoes must be comfortable and must not slip.

Whether you ride cross-country, trail, enduro or downhill, commute to work or spend long days out in the saddle we have a serious selection of quality all-mountain bike shoes.

Well designed options for the off-road riders that are likely to be off the bike as well as on it. Improved fit, excellent grip and premium materials are combined in these lightweight, breathable and highly comfortable bicycle shoes developed for the path less travelled.