Northwave's Drake men's snowboard bindings are among the most important items of all, so much so that they can turn your outing into a true paradise if you choose them right and quality. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, a good pair of bindings gives you more control over your board, provides maximum comfort and helps absorb the vibrations of hard terrain and high speed.


Northwave's Drake bindings are designed to ensure the best experience for the wearer: durable, lightweight and steeped in the best technologies, they provide maximum control and comfort. Drake bindings, like all Northwave products, come with a two-year warranty from purchase.


Are you taking your first steps into the world of snowboarding or do you already have an aggressive and casual riding style? Can't get away from the park or do you like to take the wild direction of powder and off-piste descents? To every ride-style its equipment. Snowboard bindings transfer your movements to the board and become one of the decisive elements in ensuring you get the best out of every outing. Versatility and fun are key words. Here at Northwave we combine comfort with responsiveness, adjustability and flexibility in all of our snow bindings, to give you superb comfort and excellent cushioning that cushions even the hardest landing.


Northwave's snowboard bindings can be soft, medium and stiff. Northwave's stiffer and more responsive bindings include the Radar, Podium and Supersport bindings. These bindings are made for an aggressive style, allowing the more experienced to make virtually any evolution with these bindings. The materials chosen are of the highest quality, to ensure durability over the years. Speed and comfort are a certainty with these Drake bindings.


Among the Northwave bindings that provide less stiffness and more control for an intermediate rider are the Reload, the Fifty and the King. These are extremely versatile snowboard bindings, capable of satisfying a wide audience thanks to their affordable price, and at the same time the guaranteed quality of Drake bindings.


If you have any doubts about adjusting your snowboard bindings or how to position your snowboard bindings correctly, we are here to help. On our website you can buy snowboard boards, bindings and boots, all in one purchase and with the guarantee of buying from the official Northwave store.