who we are

At Northwave we pour all our energy into one and one thing only: creating the finest products for sport in the mountains. With a single-minded focus, we create innovative products, unmatched in terms of performance, quality, design and style.
MOUNTAIN. IT’S IN OUR BLOOD. Our Headquarters nestle at the base of the mountains, a bike and snow mecca and our daily source of inspiration for the sports we love. Whilst there are many places that claim to be the spiritual home of their sports, few are really. It’s here in the mountains that we design and test all our products, on the trails and on the slopes and at our in-house technical research facility nearby Montebelluna, worldwide renowed epicenter for the development of sport technical shoes. It’s no coincidence that Northwave as a brand has always been associated with the values that define its Alpine heritage: innovation, quality, attention to details, performance, a refined aesthetic and sustainable development. Our mountain roots are evident in all we do.


Northwave mission is to develop quality products with utmost sustainability with the world’s best value for money in footwear, apparel and equipment for active outdoor sports.
WE’RE INSPIRED BY THE MOUNTAINS. This love inspires and makes ourselves proud for what we develop, for the innovation we are looking for and ultimately to nurture the passion for sport which inspire ourselves and our customers.


We are fully dedicated to active outdoor lifestyle
Cycling and snowboarding. How exactly Northwave arrived at such an interesting array of sports is an extension of its personality. We are not a company that develops products on a 5 years plan. We don’t seek the latest consumer trends and we do not map our future according to what the competition is doing. The process we create are a result of the sports we love. So whether we’re talking about riding off road or surfing on the powder, they may have been derived from very different technology but they were all born from the same spirit of imagination


Northwave: It’s more than just a name on a product.
It’s important for us always to remember that it stands for something bigger than a company or a brand. From the guts and freedom that define our people, to the mentality with which we approach designing our products, to the attitude of the athletes who conquer the world of sports: Northwave is more than a brand name, it’s a source of personal pride


6 constant values which define what we stand for
In over 50 years of developing products from snowboard boots to bikes shoes there have been 6 important constants that have driven our company :
We want our commitment to INNOVATION to result in more than just good products, we want to change the way athletes perform
The importance we place on TECHNOLOGY is more than just about using the latest materials, it’s about understanding what’s possible and applying it to the future
We strive to DESIGN with trust in our instincts, confidence in our techniques and a desire to create breakthrough products that enhance the sport experience
Our PASSION is more than just our history, its a compass that guides our business, design, products and culture for the future
Northwave employees will get out for a ride every day at lunch. As well as our riders who are on a training everyday. What do they have in common? Their AUTHENTICITY. As they know that every ride is an opportunity for a new experience
SUSTAINABILITY as attention to today’s needs while respecting those of tomorrow. Living sport, with passion and dedication, in the mountains and in the city, in symbiosis with nature and the surrounding environment
A brand describes everything we do The concept RIDE YOUR WAY describes Northwave as a brand. It gives us a direction and creates alignment. It is a guide for optimizing all activities, thereby creating a unique value positioning in the market
the vision: what we stand for


Mountain biking and snowboarding is more like a way of living than a sport that you just do in your free time. It gives you pure emotions while you are close to nature with homies. And both also gives you perfect opportunities to travel a lot, to face your limits and to basically improve yourself. It is simply your lifestyle.
They are sports dedicated to those who hate all kinds of limitations. You pick your own trail, your own tricks and you can ride anything that makes you feel happier and more satisfied. It is just like in your life - you choose your goals and then you find a way of achieving them. In life or on a trail – You just Ride Your Way.
From our first steps as a brand we have kept one thing in mind, that the riding is the most important thing in sport. It brings the best memories from our lives including first bunny hops, backflips, long trips through the mountains, winning the contests or just mellow times with the friends on those Sundays’ rides.
Thanks to our passion, we can share our experience with everyone who loves riding just as much as we do.
Be yourself, everyone else is already taken
The journey not the arrival matters
Always inclusive, never divisive
You are never to old to go for a ride