Northwave's cycling jackets offer reliable protection without restricting freedom of movement. For road or MTB enthusiasts, there's a specific solution for every need from staying dry and warm during winter to staying protected on windy rides. You will find windproof jackets, rain jackets and many other features, with contemporary design and excellent fit.


Those who enjoy training with a road or mountain bike on trails and off-road will find cycling jackets with practical details that are comfortable and allow the wearer to concentrate on the journey. The materials, specially selected by Northwave, such as Polartec®, help protect the body from hypothermia and allow optimal air circulation. Moisture is wicked away, allowing the body to remain at the correct temperature. Cycling jackets are not only an important piece of equipment for athletes and nature lovers, they are also an indispensable item for people who use their bike to get to work. In fact, Northwave cycling jackets have reflective details to be as visible in the countryside as on city streets.


Functionality and practicality: several models, such as the windproof Rainskin Jacket, can be folded and stored in a pocket or backpack.


Northwave's experience in making winter cycling clothing has enabled the creation of several models of winter cycling jackets, suitable for both MTB and road cycling. You no longer have to fear riding out on cold and windy days, now your winter cycling jacket will allow you to get on your bike whatever the weather. First-class materials and collaboration with major brands give even greater value to Northwave products, which are already synonymous with quality.


Having a cycling rain jacket is a product that is definitely appreciated by those who want to ride in all weather conditions, even the most adverse. Choosing a quality product means being able to concentrate on your passion, without having to take into account external factors such as weather conditions. Not only the quality and effectiveness of the product, but also its durability.


Thermal bike jackets are made of multiple layers of special technical materials to ensure that body heat is maintained and at the same time allow for easy movement when riding your bike.