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A hugely popular garment with mountain bikers, MTB baggies offer greater freedom of movement and comfort for off-road wear. Cycling shorts are the ideal choice either for rides immersed in nature or for commuting wear.

Northwave cycling shorts are created using durable ripstop fabric. Zip pockets secure all those essential items you need on hand when you hit the trail.

They also feature integrated padded undershorts for maximum comfort while riding.

Bib and baggy cycling shorts are definitely the number one piece of kit in any rider’s wardrobe. Our team pays special attention to the construction of this essential garment to design uncompromising road and off-road wear and offer the best cycling shorts for quality, fit and performance. We are well aware that comfort, materials, fit and aesthetics are second to none nowadays. To meet the demand of the ever-changing bicycle world, we defined a selection of Northwave bib shorts with varying models depending on styles of riding and weather conditions.