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Shorts & Baggy







A much-loved item for all mountain bikers, mtb bike shorts offer greater freedom of movement and comfort on off-road rides. Cycling shorts are perfect for both a ride in nature and for commuting use.


Northwave cycling shorts are made of durable, tear-resistant fabric. Zippered pockets keep your essentials safe, the ones that should always be close by even on a trail ride.


To maximise comfort, there are also padded undershorts with padding, which make the outings more comfortable.


Our range of shorts continues to expand. From MTB shorts to padded bib shorts with braces to wear under more relaxed cycling shorts, wherever you're going, there's a perfect option for your next ride. Made to keep you going for miles, they are durable and comfortable in every situation. Combined with exceptional seating comfort these shorts offer great fit, freedom of movement and improved airflow to keep you cool and dry.


New standards have arrived in terms of performance, comfort and quality. Northwave's mtb and road shorts will accompany you on long rides on your bike. Not just strength and comfort, the cycling shorts are made to last, thanks to the use of top quality materials.


Fear of the cold? Absolutely not, thanks to winter bike shorts. Specially designed for use during the coldest times of the year, thanks to them you can finally ride all year round. Buying suitable technical clothing for winter is essential, otherwise you run the risk of having to stop at certain times of the year.


Choosing the right shorts with padding is essential to achieve optimal performance and at the same time be comfortable on your road or mountain bike. They are made specifically to stay in contact with the skin, so there is no need for additional undergarments, also because otherwise there is a risk of chafing. Moreover, they are made of breathable fabric, which can absorb moisture and dry quickly.


The ideal size of a padded cycling shorts is one that allows you to wear a tight-fitting pair of shorts but at the same time must allow you to move freely while pedalling. The aim of this technical garment is to wrap around your legs and not squeeze them. As soon as you start wearing them, you will immediately understand the difference.