Northwave cycling shoe covers are the must-have accessory in every cyclist's outfit. Each season has its own function: the winter cycling shoe cover allows the foot to stay warm and protected during rides in low temperatures; the mid-season cycling shoe cover, on the other hand, helps to protect from the wind.

Northwave shoe covers are ideal for racing or XC shoes. Some models are made to prevent water from entering, leaving your feet completely dry during your bike rides. The bike shoe covers feature reinforcing materials in the areas most prone to rubbing, and there are also large reflective inserts to allow the cyclist to be visible from a distance.

Thanks to our experience in the manufacture of racing bike shoes, we have a number of models available that achieve a high level of cycling performance thanks to the careful study of aerodynamics.

What to choose for mountain bike shoes? It is necessary to use MTB shoe covers that provide adequate protection and are also resistant to shocks. For racing bike shoes, on the other hand, you need lighter and more aerodynamic bike shoe covers, which are useful for protection against rain and wind.

Please note that summer and winter cycling shoe covers are not suitable for all models of mountain bike shoes. In fact, these accessories are only suitable for Northwave XC shoes and of course for racing bike shoes.

Using rainproof bike shoe covers is therefore highly recommended so as not to miss a single bike ride. Don't give up because of the cold or rain, thanks to this product made by Northwave you will finally be able to decide at any time to get on your bike and do the route you prefer.