Low temperatures, wet and dank days and windy afternoons are no longer a problem with Northwave cycling tights and trousers, the right protection against all the elements. Find the perfect garment for the season in our collection of thermal, windproof or waterproof trousers and tights.


Whether you're looking for summer cycling trousers or winter cycling trousers, you'll find everything you need at Extremely durable fabrics for use in all weather conditions and the elasticity that distinguishes them to adapt to the wearer, giving a feeling of extreme comfort.


Are you looking for a pair of mtb trousers? The study and research carried out by Northwave's professionals in collaboration with the athletes has resulted in a high-level product, used both by the professional athletes themselves and by the many mountain bike enthusiasts around the world.

Comfort and performance in a single product.


Not only mountain bike trousers, our passion and experience in making road cycling shoes has also led us to create technical clothing for road bikes. Ergonomic cuts and minimised seams ensure maximum comfort and performance.


Water-resistant, lightweight and breathable fabrics, which in combination with the right cycling shoes allow you to enjoy your ride to the fullest. Technical cycling trousers are made especially for use on rides, so they are made with appropriate protections in the parts most prone to chafing and where impacts are most frequent.


Northwave's experience and success in winter cycling shoes has also led to specialised products in terms of clothing, which includes winter cycling trousers.