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Cycling Clothing








There are two determining factors in any adventure: the first is the bike, the second is the clothing you wear.


When you pedal, you need uncompromising essentials. Whether it's a ride in the hills on a sunny day or a trip through traffic under threatening skies, you always have to make sure you cover your skin with the right layers.


Northwave's bike clothing collection offers a range of impeccable products that focus on protection and performance.


Technical and functional garments with an excellent fit to keep you pedaling all year round. Each Northwave product is the result of decades of experience in the development of bike clothing, exciting collaborations with brands in the industry and constant research into new materials and technologies.


Speed, aerodynamics, comfort and freedom is what we look for when we push on the pedals. As in any sport, specific technical clothing undoubtedly influences performance in cycling. And if we like to ride in hot weather or where the humidity is high, the right summer bike outfit can make all the difference, providing us with constant comfort as well as increasing our confidence in the saddle.


This collection of summer cycling apparel selects products meticulously developed to ensure protection and performance. High quality fabrics, technical details and impeccable cuts combine with Northwave's experience to shape each bike and MTB outfit.


Technical and versatile, winter cycling clothing must be essential but satisfy the athlete in all kinds of weather conditions. Comfort must be total. Layers and materials are chosen to create an excellent ventilation system and to regulate body temperature, both during activity and during breaks.


Our ergonomic constructions and innovative combination of technologies maintain perfect insulation by preventing heat loss and ensuring functionality and fit in different thermal levels. Each outfit follows the athlete's natural movements without creating any constrictions. Bibshorts, technical jerseys, jackets and shorts with padding are just some of the cycling products available in the store.


Not only men's cycling wear, there are also different colours available for women in our online store. You'll be spoilt for choice, so don't wait any longer and find the one that fits among the different models and colours. You can also find cycling clothing for children. Bib shorts, jerseys and plain shorts to suit every need.


A winter bike collection designed for all-round cycling: from MTB to gravel, via E-BIKE and commuting. So not only summer cycling clothing, but as Northwave specialises in winter cycling shoes, the whole winter cycling clothing section could not be missing.


And don't forget the outlet section of the site, you can find products discounted by up to 20-30% on numerous items of Northwave branded bike clothing. Colours and models for every occasion and weather condition. Clothing suitable for mountain biking, road biking and gravel biking.


Do you have any doubts about matching Northwave clothing or can't find the right size? Contact us, we are here to help you choose your cycling clothing.


Browse and add all the cycling and mtb clothing you need to your shopping cart. Technical jackets, jerseys and shorts made from top quality materials. Is the clothing you have purchased slightly tight or too loose? No problem, size change is free of charge. Buying cycling clothing online has never been so quick and easy.