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For more than 30 years Northwave has been making mtb shoes for various off-road disciplines, so that it can satisfy the needs of all enthusiasts, from beginners to the most experienced.

Northwave's mtb shoes are made for the following disciplines:

  • XC (this is cross-country, the only Olympic discipline related to mountain biking)
  • Trail / All mountain, a more generic category that involves riding your bike on dirt roads and using mountain bike shoes.

Among the new Northwave models dedicated to the XC category, mention must be made of the Extreme XC, a shoe that allows absolute performance levels to be reached and used by professionals in this speciality.

Northwave's Rebel 3 has a lower price but can combine excellent performance with a high level of comfort that is difficult for competitors to achieve.

Going down a little more in price, the Origin Plus 2 is very popular, available in 4 different colours and also in the Wide version, to allow optimum comfort even for those who are looking for a mtb shoe with wide plant.

Among the Northwave shoes available in the Trail / All mountain category, the models that are proving most popular with our customers are the Enduro Mid 2, Spider Plus 3 and the Corsair, mtb shoes available in different colours and suitable for both SPD pedals and flat pedals, through the use of the special plates.

Models suitable exclusively for flat pedals are, among others, the Rockit and the Clan 2, the first shoe model has a Vibram sole while the second has a Michelin sole. Collaborations with these important companies give added value to shoes that are already synonymous with guarantee and quality.

Northwave also specialises in making winter mtb shoes for both the XC and Trail / All mountain categories. Keeping your feet warm and dry during the winter season allows you to enjoy your mountain bike rides all year round.

Hardly imitated by competitors is Northwave's winter Flagship GTX shoe, complete with Gore-Tex membrane, dual SLW3 rotor, and 100% carbon sole in collaboration with Michelin.

The Magma XC Core shoe guarantees you warm feet even with low temperatures, while the Extreme XC GTX and Celsius XC GTX models allow you to combine performance and comfort in a single shoe.

Among the winter mountain bike shoes belonging to the Trail / All mountain category, you can find the new Kingrock Plus GTX and Multicross Mid GTX models or decide to rely on models synonymous with guarantee and reliability such as the X-Celsius Arctic GTX and Himalaya, already tested by thousands of off-road cyclists.

Whether it's summer or winter mtb shoes, Northwave is able to satisfy all your needs thanks to the numerous models of shoes made for different types of public, from enthusiasts to world-class professionals.

Why choose a Northwave mtb shoe?

The experience in the sector that distinguishes us allows all users of these shoes to achieve optimal performance, the shoes are made with quality, cutting-edge materials, while guaranteeing comfortable shoes. The professionalism of the people who make the mountain bike shoes allows you to wear a product of absolute level and guaranteed by Northwave.

What closure systems are provided?

In the models intended for professionals and for those who have a particular focus on performance, there is the SLW3 double rotor, which allows the foot to be perfectly enveloped thanks to its innovative patented system, while in some models there is a combination of SLW3 rotor and strap, and finally in other models there is the closure through laces, a system that is still appreciated by mountain bike enthusiasts.

Within Northwave's catalogue you can find models that adapt to SPD pedals and that through the use of a special plate can also adapt to flat pedals and models with a flat sole, made exclusively for flat pedals. Among the models offered by Northwave, there are also some women's mtb shoes, made in special colours. Each enthusiast is thus free to use the solution they prefer.