Commuting / E-bike

Commuting / E-bike








Commuting by bike is challenging traditional urban public transport and it is important that shoes are functional and on trend.

Minimalist cycling shoes in carbon may be perfect while you stop for a coffee break during your weekend ride, but they don't go particularly well with jeans or office wear.

This is why Northwave offers a range of clipless and flat shoes designed specifically for commuting, also making them the perfect e-bike shoes and exceptional mountain bike shoes.

So which shoes do you need? This certainly depends on the pedals but there is no one single answer. If you are sure that you will be using clipless pedals amongst the traffic, then the X-Trail Plus and Escape Evo models are the best option. However, if you want to be free to choose your pedal according to the ride, then don’t worry because for these shoes, like all of our commuting/e-bike shoes and trail shoes, you can buy rubber pads enabling use with flat pedals and walking in complete safety.

Flat shoes such as the Tribe model, suitable for flat pedals, increase safety for beginners and those who don’t want to worry about being able to “get the shoe off the pedal”.