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Whether you use flat or clipless pedals, you need a good shoe to optimise power transfer.

Mountain-bike shoes fall into two different categories: flat shoes for flat pedals and shoes with cleats for clipless pedals. Flat shoes have a low-profile sole in a special rubber that provides better grip ON PEDAL PINS. Clipless shoes are more rigid and have holes that engage with the pedals.

Northwave mountain-bike trail shoes are available in all shapes and sizes, with a range of different designs. With flat shoes, the rubber is very important, but with all of the shoes sole design and flexibility play a vital role in improving hold. Some Northwave shoe models for all-mountain trail riding, such as the Enduro Mid, Clan and X-Trail Plus, feature a Michelin® sole: a global leader in high-quality soles for bike shoes.

The ability to adapt to the terrain is therefore very important, as a more flexible sole absorbs impacts on uneven trails.

Northwave flat shoes, designed for flat pedals, stick to your bike like chewing gum to carpet and provide comfort and security, giving you optimum freedom on the pedals and control of the bike in any situation.

If you use clipless pedals, your mountain bike shoes must be comfortable, durable and high performance. Northwave shoes go beyond these essential requirements, offering increased control and reliability to riders for maximum enjoyment on the trail.

Northwave offers the best all-mountain and trail shoes.