You may be a professional cyclist or a beginner, you may enjoy riding on crazy trails or quiet roads, in our selection you will find the perfect road cycling shoes for you! Each Northwave product is born from your needs, it's up to you to choose the right combination of comfort, stiffness, breathability and lightness. Choosing the right shoe is very important and the quality of the ride and also our health depends on it.


It is very important to carefully evaluate which components to prioritise, starting with the sole. The soles of Northwave road bike shoes use different types of materials, from carbon to nylon. We would like to emphasise that technical shoes must fit the foot snugly and distribute pressure evenly over the arch. Carbon, for example, offers better rigidity and obviously less weight. Models such as the Extreme GT 3, the Mistral Plus and the Revolution 3 enjoy the benefits of this material. In stiffer race-oriented shoes, carbon fibre ensures that power is fully transmitted to the pedals, maximising the impact of your effort on speed. While nylon-soled road bike shoes are less rigid, they have the advantage of being cheaper and less prone to wear than carbon options.


Also available on is the brand new Extreme Pro 2, the road cycling shoe used by professional athletes. Sole in PowerShape Carbon 15, made of 100% carbon and rigidity index of 15.0. Upper with patented Xframe 2® construction. With this Northwave shoe on your feet, you will achieve absolute performance levels.


The fastening solution also plays an important role. Northwave cycling shoes use the X-Dial® fastening system, with a wheel that in some models is combined with a Velcro strap and classic laces. If it is essential for you to be able to easily adjust the fastening during the ride, we recommend you opt for models equipped with X-Dial®.


Another important factor is the climatic comfort of the foot, which is crucial in the warmer months. Well-ventilated shoes make all the difference in summer as they prevent moisture accumulation and manage heat perfectly. Breathable uppers also channel the flow of air, ensuring temperature control.


Northwave also offers winter cycling shoes for athletes who want to ride all year round even when temperatures drop. These models feature a water-resistant GORE-TEX® membrane and additional insulation to keep feet warm and dry even in cold and wet conditions.


Your feet are one of the most important contact points when you get into the saddle, so it is essential to choose your cycling shoe carefully. Sole, closure, ventilation, temperature and comfort are priorities when defining products such as road bike shoes. Each of our models reflects Northwave's experience, research and passion for responding without compromise to the needs of our cyclists. An ever-evolving exploration of the concepts of speed, safety, aerodynamics and ergonomics.


Northwave road shoes are available in different colours to meet the expectations of a large number of enthusiasts and professionals. Women's cycling shoes are also available in different colours. The breathable upper allows you to give your best on your bike even on the hottest days.


The Core Plus 2 Wide is Northwave's wide-bed road bike shoe, allowing even more enthusiasts to wear comfortable, high-performance shoes. How to choose the correct size of your road bike shoe? Measure the length of your foot and metatarsal circumference, check the "Fit" of the sole (can be pro, regular or wide) and get your new road bike shoe.