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Whether you are a professional cyclist or a beginner, whether you love to tackle the most challenging routes or prefer more relaxing lanes, Northwave has the right road cycling shoes for you! All you need to do is choose your ideal blend of comfort, rigidity, breathability, lightweight construction and ventilation.

It is very important to choose the right elements in your road shoe, starting from the sole, for example. The soles of Northwave road cycling shoes have different constructions, from carbon to nylon. But whatever else you consider, a road cycling shoe should always hug the foot, with uniform distribution of pressure along the arch. Carbon offers optimal rigidity and minimum weight. The Extreme Pro, Mistral Plus and Revolution 2 models offer the advantage of transferring all power to the pedals, turning your effort into speed. Road cycling shoes with a nylon sole are less rigid but cost less and wear less quickly.

Fastening systems are equally important: for Northwave cycling shoes, these include the X-Dial® fastening system, which features a turning dial, used in combination with velcro and traditional laces on some models. If you need to be able to easily adjust the fastening while cycling, you should choose the X-Dial® system.

The foot also needs the right micro-climate: well-ventilated shoes are very important in the summer months to avoid a build-up of moisture in the shoe. Breathable uppers allow air to circulate, guaranteeing temperature regulation within the shoe.

Northwave offers winter cycling shoes for colder climates and use in the cooler months: these feature a waterproof membrane (GORE-TEX® on the flagship models) and extra insulation, keeping the feet warm and dry in cold and damp conditions.