Weather conditions


Unlike a normal top, cycling jerseys have special features that make them perfect for the sport. The fit guarantees optimal freedom of movement and comfort on any type of bike. Summer and winter cycling jerseys are suitable for any type of riding. Features such as zip fastening, collar and pockets increase performance and comfort. And performance is extremely important for bike clothing: the material used for cycling jerseys must be flexible, ensuring freedom of movement for the rider.

Breathability is another essential feature: moisture is drawn away from the skin, increasing the sensation of freshness and regulating the body's surface temperature.

Northwave road cycling jerseys are equipped with a zip so that they can be quickly taken on and off. Northwave MTB jerseys feature an intentionally looser fit: freedom of movement is the priority for these riders. The wide cut allows space for additional protection to be worn underneath.

Long sleeves or short sleeves? It all depends on your personal comfort and the weather. A long-sleeved cycling jersey is great for low temperatures but it also offers protection from the sun’s rays in high summer.

A short-sleeved cycling jersey is ideal all year round, great for summer and perfect for wear with arm warmers, lightweight jackets or a vest, which are often worn with them between seasons and with colder temperatures.