Women's Boots

Women's Boots






Northwave wouldn't be complete without its range of women’s snowboard boots. Snowboard boots represent the dawning of the Northwave era in the world of outdoor sports. A perfect blend of technology, lightweight construction and comfort that cocoons the foot, making every second spent surfing the snow truly magnificent, whether fresh off-piste or well-compacted at the end of the season. From the top-of-the-range Devine SL to the DIME, accessible to everybody, Northwave women’s snowboard boots have been developed to make every snow session unforgettable.

It was with the snow boot that we ventured into the incredible world of outdoor activities almost 50 years ago. It has been decades of challenges, confirmations and evolution that have led us to define our own identity. We know that the right equipment must respect a whole series of specific characteristics determined by the rider's needs, level, physique, goal and gender. For female athletes, we have developed a collection of women's snowboard boots with precise requirements, at times more subtle to follow the needs of fit and support. Designed to make every outing on the snow unforgettable.