Men’s Boots

Men’s Boots






Men’s snowboard boots are an incredibly important element of your snowboarding outfit. Fit is key: if they are too tight, they can completely ruin your day, and if they are too loose they just don't do their job. This is why it is essential to find the right boots for you. Northwave has a wide range of snowboard boots, all designed to give the rider maximum comfort. From the top-of-the-range Domain CR to the Freedom SL, accessible to everybody, Northwave snowboard boots guarantee quality, technical performance and comfort throughout your snow session.

The essence of Northwave – where it all began

Do you know the adrenaline rush of going downhill with the board attached under your feet? The speed, the contact with nature, the sinuous movement and the sense of total freedom? An indescribable feeling, almost addictive. But what really makes the difference in snow adventures? Undoubtedly the rider himself, not to mention the equipment that supports him. In addition to the board, a fundamental element is the snow boots we put on, the usual contact between legs and board. When engaging in this type of outdoor activity, factors such as experience and confidence should not be underestimated, but especially materials, type of closure, fit and comfort. Men's snowboard boots must have all the essential technical features and ensure the right balance between stiffness and comfort, to safeguard the safety and support the performance of the wearer.