The MTB universe cannot be linked to a single discipline, but there are many that are part of this world, which is constantly evolving and in which year after year the number of enthusiasts is increasing. The different disciplines have allowed extremely vast and heterogeneous to get in touch with at least one of them.

What are the MTB disciplines with the largest number of enthusiasts?

The first discipline to be mentioned is definitely Cross Country (XC), the only one recognized by the Olympic committee. Races in this discipline are held on a dirt loop circuit of varying length. There is also a variant of this discipline, the Cross Country Marathon (XCM), which has as its main difference the distance covered.

Moving on to more classic MTB, it is impossible not to mention All Mountain, which involves rides in areas surrounded by nature. This is a relatively generic category, and consequently MTB shoes should also be chosen based on what you want to devote yourself to. Other disciplines with a considerable number of fans are Enduro and for those who want to experience strong emotions the main discipline is Freeride.

One of the main aspects when deciding to approach the world of mountain biking is choosing the correct shoe. A mtb shoe during an offroad outing is subject to numerous shocks and stresses, as well as being subject to the action of water and mud. These are all factors that can quickly degrade the upper and sole of the shoe. Consequently, it is necessary to properly evaluate which brand to rely on before buying a pair of MTB shoes.

As we have just seen, there are different disciplines related to mountain biking and consequently it is necessary to equip oneself with different MTB shoes.

The first aspect to consider when choosing a pair of shoes is related to the pedals of your bike. Northwave's mtb shoes include soles for both flat pedals and soles for SPD pedals. Northwave's XC shoes have soles that fit bikes with SPD pedals, while Northwave's Trail, All Mountain and Enduro shoes are made to fit both Flat and SPD pedals in most models, and finally some models fit Flat pedals only.

What are the closure systems of Northwave's mtb shoes? For the top models, relative to XC shoes, the closure involves the use of two SLW3 rotors. Closures, however, that are effective and comfortable involve the combined use of an SLW3 rotor and a strap, while shoes from a lower price point involve a strap closure. With reference to enduro, trail, and all-mountain shoes, some models involve strap and SLW3 rotor while others involve only the use of a strap and laces. Flat-pedal mtb shoes such as the Clan 2, Multicross, Tailwhip and Tribe 2 use classic laces as the closure system.

Among Northwave's best-selling XC cycling shoes, we have available the new Rebel 3 and Origin Plus 2 models.

The Rebel 3 is a mtb shoe model available in different colors: blue, yellow, green and gray. The secret of this shoe is the Unibody construction of the upper, which is able to fully envelop the foot leaving on one hand a sense of extreme comfort and on the other hand to transmit the energy on the pedals in the best way, thanks to the Carbon XC 12 sole with 100% carbon insert in the pedal area and a stiffness index of 12.0.

The Origin Plus 2 is another Northwave mtb shoe model, available in 3 different colors: green, gray and yellow. Also available is the black colored wide sole model, the Origin Plus 2 Wide. The sole of this model is the Speedlight 3D with a stiffness index of 10. This men's mtb shoe ensures excellent breathability, thanks to the numerous microholes on the entire surface of the shoe.

Among mtb shoes for enduro, trail and all mountain, Northwave's best-selling models are the Corsair, Spider Plus 3, Rockit and Clan 2.

The Corsair mtb shoe have a sole that adapts to all types of terrain, thanks in part to the natural rubber tread that allows for improved grip. The lightweight and breathability of this shoe is guaranteed. The closure includes a strap and the SLW3 rotor, for a product with unbeatable quality/price.

The Spider Plus 3 is another top Northwave product, thanks in part to dual use with both SPD and Flat pedals. The Michelin X-Crossbow outsole includes self-cleaning lugs to ensure maximum grip on the pedals. Heat-welded internal reinforcements increase foot protection from shocks.

Northwave's Rockit is a multi-purpose mtb shoe, ideal for both trail rides and an adventure in cycling. The sole is made by Vibram, the undisputed leader in its field proving the quality of this bike product. The EVA midsole reduces weight and improves shock absorption.

The Clan 2, unlike the footwear listed above, is a mtb shoe suitable exclusively for flat pedals. The sole developed in collaboration with Michelin ensures absolute level of grip. The toe and heels feature TPU heat-sealed reinforcements for impact protection.