How to dress for training on a road bike: the best outfit to protect you from the cold

- why it is important to dress properly in winter and what consequences you risk if you do not wear the right winter clothing
- how to never feel cold in winter, even in temperatures close to zero
- what to use to protect yourself from cold, wind, rain and snow
- what is the best winter cycling outfit to face winter temperatures without feeling cold

The clothing you wear on your bike is a key factor in getting the most out of your rides; you need essential, high-performance garments without compromises.
Whether it's a ride in the hills on a sunny day or a rainy day when you couldn't give up your usual ride, you always need to make sure you're dressed the right way.
Northwave's collection of winter cycling clothing offers a range of jackets, jerseys, trousers, gloves and socks to make sure you look your best and stay comfortable on the ride.

Many road cycling enthusiasts during the winter period decide to take a temporary break from their activity. Thanks to Northwave products you can finally ride in the cold and rain and return home dry and warm. Not only shoes with Gore-Tex membrane, but also a whole range of clothing and technical accessories for road and off-road cycling.
Among the jackets in the collection, you can find numerous models in different colours and sizes to suit all tastes and preferences. At you can order jackets suitable for road cycling and receive them directly at home. All Northwave cycling jackets feature excellent flexibility and a perfect fit, they provide complete protection from the cold and wind, and they have handy pockets to fit everything you need during your ride. You can pair long-sleeved cycling jerseys such as the Force 2 and Blade 3 to create the perfect combo for a cozy and warm ride. Both models are available in different colours, and are made of gauzed fabric to provide good thermal insulation. A racing jersey equipped with a zip and three rear pockets plus a central one with a zip. There are also reflective inserts to improve visibility during the darkest hours.
Not only jackets and jerseys, to cycle in maximum comfort in cold temperatures you should also choose a pair of technical bibtight. Northwave bib are designed to guarantee excellent breathability and freedom of movement.
Try Northwave's base layer jerseys, which are made from specific materials that provide very fast drying. The jersey serves to maintain a correct body temperature during and after physical performance. Insulation and breathability are two of the main features of this cycling vest.
Choosing the right accessories for winter is equally important. Winter gloves and socks are just as important as the clothing items already mentioned. The hands, as well as the feet, are the body parts that first start to get cold during the cold season. Choosing the right gloves according to the season means coming home with hands that are still warm. Not only protection from the cold, some models of Northwave bike gloves can also effectively protect your hands from the rain.
Northwave winter socks provide excellent thermal insulation thanks to the research and study of high performing materials, which led the adoption of Merino wool and Primaloft.
The winter season is definitely not the most favourable season for cycling, but we strongly believe that there is no bad season for sport, there is just bad equipment. Offering high-tech materials that allow you to cycle 12 months a year is our mission when we design our collections. Take advantage of this opportunity with Northwave products.