When it comes to mountain biking and off-roading, the possibilities for fun are countless: heterogeneous scenarios open up; we will call them "ways of biking" that are, in fact, also ways of experiencing biking.

Many disciplines, one scenario: nature

Pedaling, descending, hiking, jumping, and speed are just some of the variables called into play when talking about mtb and all the sub-disciplines of mountain biking.

The natural and sometimes wild scenery, which contextualizes mtb cycling, is not just a frame that beautifies pedaling in nature, but is the very essence of the sport: it contemplates its recreational aspects as much as those of respect and knowledge of the element, the opportunities and obstacles it can offer.

Discover the trail that belongs to you and leave equipped

In short, whether you choose off road to take a few recreational trips in the mountains, have fun in the parks, or challenge balance and gravity in downhill, don't think that your running shoes can fulfill the task of protecting you during your pedaling or descents on the trail.

The technicality of the equipment should not be underestimated, especially when we talk about cycling shoes.

In mtb, the range of choices is very wide, and having clear ideas might seem complicated.

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The disciplines of the XC world

To shed light on the technologies and features that distinguish different mtb models, it is useful to identify three macro-groups.

Cross Country (XC)

Cross Country (XC) is the discipline that also participates in the Olympic Games and is characterized by intense physical exertion, in which pedaling is the main interest of the activity.

Speed and endurance are the core of this discipline. While competitiveness is not the absolute prerogative of this activity, training to develop agility and power on the trail certainly is.


Disciplines such as All-Mountain are less tied to the concept of performance, so speed is not decisive; what matters is the outdoor experience in its totality, where pedaling can be alternated with short walking sections.

In this case, the landscape context is central, while the challenge and finish aspect leave room for the focus on the route.

Enduro, Freeride and Downhill

The third group includes the disciplines Enduro, Freeride and Downhill, in which the focus is all on the descent, more or less acrobatic, depending on the style.

Since this is a more intense and - in some declinations - extreme activity, it will come as no surprise that the level of training and experience required to practice it is medium to high.

Why do you love to ride XC?

The many off road styles correspond to as many ways of experiencing outdoor activity. We have identified three, our three whys of mtb.

Which one do you recognize yourself in? Read on to find out.

1. Because you love speed, testing your endurance by pedaling medium-long laps on trails

If you recognize yourself in this way of experiencing cycling, then what you look for from your cycling shoes is performance. This translates into power transmission for pedaling at maximum efficiency even when the terrain is rough.

Your ideal shoe has a stiff sole, a snug fit with a rotor closure for a firm, snug fit.

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Have you noticed our top of the line? Extreme XC 2, with a unidirectional carbon sole developed in collaboration with Michelin, is designed with ARS (Anatomic Reticular Support) technology, an exoskeleton that wraps and conforms to the foot, evenly and controlled distribution of stresses while pedaling.

The new advanced closure system, with dual X-Dial SLW3 rotor with bi-zone closure, allows micrometric adjustment of force, allowing you to act differentially on the toe and the hill of the foot.The TPU protection is now thinner and 10% stronger.

2. Because biking on the trails is an energy recharge. Time dilates and your focus is to fully experience your day of sports and nature

Key word: comfort.

If you're on the bike all day, alternating between pedaling and short walks, what you need is a comfortable, snug fit to allow your foot to stay put, but one that is also soft and breathable to help your foot breathe.

The level of walkability of the sole is a not insignificant plus. Our range of all-mountain shoes is across the board in terms of technicality and pedaling style. Our new Rockit Plus is the companion we'd all like for long days on the pedals.

The Vibram Wolftrack clipless sole is designed to improve traction and braking while ensuring unparalleled grip on dry or wet surfaces.

The shape is optimized for easy engagement and release, while the angular lugs provide maximum traction and braking efficiency.

The EVA midsole reduces weight and improves shock absorption.

The SLW3 closure system, the only one with a gradual release, allows millimeter adjustment of the shoe quickly and intuitively.

Finally, the upper is constructed of ripstop and TPU with wear-resistant inserts also made of TPU placed on the toe box.

3. Because downhill is my passion, the mountains my element. It takes concentration--and a dash of daring to challenge the most untamable trails. Adrenaline is a feeling I could never give up.

If you recognize yourself in this statement, you will know that for you the pedaling phase is not the most compelling, the fun is all in the nimble and fast descent on the most twisty trails. Shoes, consequently, will need to provide you with foot protection in case of a fall, but also freedom of movement, along with grip.

The X-Fire outsole with Michelin rubber on our Enduro Mid 2 is designed to provide exceptional grip along the pedal area and when you get out of the saddle.

The midcut upper covers the ankle area,while heat-welded internal reinforcements provide additional protection for the foot.

How about you. What aspect of off-road riding are you most passionate about?