In order to make your bike rides more enjoyable and efficient, you need to start off on the right foot, or rather, with the type of sole best suited to the type of activity you are going to perform.

The soles of MTB shoes are the direct link to your bike and are what allow you to transfer power to the wheels. The world of cycling shoe soles is a complex one, so we thought we'd delve a little deeper into this important aspect to help you choose the best shoes for your needs. If you're interested in finding out more about Northwave Flat shoes with Michelin soles please read this article. If you want to know more about Vibram soles you've come to the right place.

In our catalogue you can find four different Vibram soles. Two of these were made for use with SPD pedals, but thanks to the special covers they can still be converted into shoes for flat pedals. These models are the Fort Augustus and the Wolftrax. The other two models, the Volt and the Fort Williams, were made to be used exclusively with flat pedals.

The Fort Augustus is a Vibram Clipless sole featuring the ST LUG design to provide traction and grip. The tread pattern offers maximum performance in all conditions. Thanks to the EVA midsole, it has been possible to combine lightness and very high vibration absorption capacity.

The Overland Plus is made with this sole and is the ideal companion for your All Mountain tours. It is a high-performance, comfortable and super-lightweight shoe. The Vibram sole provides all the protection and safety you need on your outdoor excursions.

The other Vibram sole made for spd pedals is the Vibram Wolfrax, which is also of the clipless type and its shape is designed to facilitate pedal engagement and disengagement.
Thanks to its large flat area at the attachment point, the Wolftrax
sole offers grip and stability both on the pedals and on all those occasions when walking is required. Its tread design characterised by large blocks and wide drainage zones offers traction and control on all types of terrain. The midsole with padded heel ensures maximum comfort on all road surfaces. Both
the Rockit and Rockit Plus are equipped with the Vibram Wolftrax sole. These shoes are made to take you literally everywhere. Cliff trails, dusty white roads even a supermarket for a beer and a sandwich are all occasions where the Rockit Plus are at home.

The winter MTB shoes include the Kingrock Plus GTX, new for 2022, also equipped with the Vibram Wolftrax sole. The King Rock Plus GTX are ideal to accompany you on your winter rides. Thanks to the Easyfit ankle strap and the Koala Gore-Tex membrane, cold feet will be just an unpleasant memory.

As already mentioned, in addition to soles made for SPD pedals, Northwave also has solutions in its catalogue for those who want to choose a flat-type shoe.

The two Vibram soles for flat pedals, the Fort Williams and the Volt, offer rigidity and grip in all situations, even the most extreme ones.

The Vibram Fort Williams features the ST LUG design specifically developed to ensure traction and grip in all conditions. The area in contact with the pedal guarantees maximum grip both when pedalling and on the ground.

The Multicross is equipped with this sole. The heat-welded upper provides superior protection while maintaining low thickness and weight. Mesh inserts improve breathing and ventilation. The EVA midsole reduces weight and improves shock absorption.

Another MTB shoe model made with this sole is the Multicross Mid GTX. Suitable for flat pedals, this new model offers all the advantages of the Vibram sole combined with those of the Koala Gore-Tex membrane. The closure is lace-up and thanks to the Easyfit ankle strap you will have maximum comfort and thermal insulation.

The Vibram Volt flat sole is designed to maximise pedalling safety and comfort with flat pedals. Grip on the pedals and on any type of terrain is guaranteed by the wide front and the tread in the heel area. Here too, thanks to the EVA midsole it has been possible to contain the weight while still guaranteeing good shock absorption.

The Crossland Plus is equipped with Vibram's Volt sole. Thanks to the Vibram Volt sole with a wide, flat front contact surface and lugged heel, this shoe will accompany you on your cycling tours.
The brand new upper closure with micrometric SBS (step-by-step) adjustment X-Dial SLW6 will make you feel at one with your bike.

Another model in the Flat range is also equipped with the Vibram Volt. The Freeland are equipped with the Volt. This sole is designed to maximise safety and pedalling comfort with flat pedals. Thanks to its wide front section and the tread in the heel area, the Vibram sole provides grip on the pedals and on any type of terrain. Again, the EVA midsole reduces weight and improves shock absorption. To further increase comfort, the upper is made of breathable mesh with anti-abrasion TPU inserts.