When buying our set up it’s crucial to know how to choose the right boot. It’s not easy, I know, but with a few tips we can make our choice smother and faster, without having any doubts. First of all, let's figure out which boot will fit me comfortably and help me have more stability with my riding. Let’s find out what our needs are. For example, If we are looking for a stiff boot that really locks our heel in place we can surely opt for the Domain 2 Spin. This boot is made for the more experienced. It’s our high end boot and it encloses our most updated technology. If what we need is for our heels and ankles to be well wrapped because we are big jumpers or boardercrossers, then this is the boot for you. With its upper strap, we can tighten our boots even further and that way make it even more secure. You’ll be sure that your foot isn’t going anywhere. The perfect match for these boots would be the with Podium bindings and Team board. These boots have been used and tested by Olympic rider, Nicholas Huber. If, on the other hand, we are used to different types of closure systems, we can definitely go for the Domain SLS which is also very fast and secure.

Let’s move onto a different style of riding. If we like to have a little more flexibility on the ankles and overall a less rigid boot, the Decade will be our go to. Loved by many and used by most of the PRO Northwave team, it’ super comfy to wear and has 3 different types of closure systems to choose from. If we want to get in and out faster we’ll go for the Spin or SLS. If, on the other hand, we are nostalgic of the past and are used to laces, we could very well rely on the Decade PRO Ethan, which by the way, not only has this boot got a super rad design, but it’s also Ethan Morgan's pro model. And if we don't trust Ethan, who should we trust? A further difference is that the Decade PRO Ethan has the upper strap to be able to give additional grip. With these boots we can combine boards like the Battle Rusty, DF Team, Cocktail and Tao of Drake. The bindings that go well with these boots are the Reload, Supersport and Fifty.

If we are still thinking “softer” but we are also concerned about our budget we do have a cheaper choice which is the Edge. This boot allows us to have a softer feeling like the Decade with a really attractive price point. Suitable for riders who focus more on jibbing and who want to be comfortable, we can choose between the Spin or the SLS. It has the Stamina outsole which means that it is much better if you’re thinking jibbing or if you want to have a closer feel to your board. The DF is a good option with the Edge and as for bindings, the Reload or the Fifty make a good match.

But what if it’s my first time buying a boot, I’m a beginner and have a limited budget. Don’t worry, we got you! If you are looking for a nice boot that will help you in getting better but don’t want to spend much, we have two options to choose from. The first is the Hover Spin. Northwave has decided to make a boot taking into account the economic factor for us buyers but not giving up on its technology. We have the option of having a comfortable boot with the quick Spin system for a really tempting price. Not bad I would say. Very similar to the Hover Spin, we have the Freedom which instead of having the Spin system has the SLS system so, here too, it’s all about personal preference. I’d combine these boots with a board like the League and King of Fifty bindings.

Let’s move on to the women. In the top category we can find the Devine. It’s the stiffest boot in the women’s collection and it’s used by most of Northwave's women PRO Team. This boot really has it all. From comfort to the highest technology. Let's start with the fact that it’s made to really keep your foot nice and snug. It’s got the Spin and SLS system so we have the ability to close the boot very quickly and keep it quite compact. These boots also come with an inner sole that is designed to keep the foot comfortable throughout the whole day. If we want a boot that protects our ankles well when we jump and reduces the absorption of vibrations, then the choice is made. The Popcorn sole has just this kind of technology and goes well with boards like the DFL PRO and the DFL. As for bindings, I’d go for the Jade.

If, on the other hand, we are looking for a slightly softer boot with a more jibber feel, we have the possibility to choose between the Domino Hybrid and the Domino SLS. This middle range boot has a sick design and look. It’s definitely the boot you want to choose if you want to think about something softer and a bit more malleable. Easy to put on and get out from, we can choose between the Spin and the SLS. Unlike the Devine, the Domino has the Stamina sole which allows us to have a more snug feeling to the board. Just perfect for park days with friends. With these boots I would opt for boards like the Misty or the Tao of Drake and Reload or Jade bindings.

Last, but not least, we find the Helix Spin and the Dahlia. If we are looking for something really affordable but with good technology, these are the boots for you. Suitable for both beginners and for those looking for something really soft and comfortable. The board to pick is the Charm and as for bindings, I’d go for the Queen.