When choosing our new snowboard bindings there are some essential aspects to consider. First and foremost is “What is my riding style?” What we should ask ourselves is essentially do I have a more aggressive and determined style or am I a bit more cruisy and playful? Do I throw myself on rails and kickers or do I prefer a surfy vibe and keep my style a little more chill? As soon as we understand what style of rider we identify with, we can make some considerations. For example, for the more aggressive we certainly could rely on the Podium and the Radar. Two similar bindings in terms of performance and price point but also very different since the first is much more suitable for those who follow disciplines such as boarder cross, half-pipe and big lines in pow. The Radar is dedicated to big kickers and free ride experts. These two bindings are super performing and give you the feeling that you really have everything under control. In fact, they go very well with boards like DF TEAM and TEAM that have a slightly more rigid and promising flex in environments such as park, big jumps and backcountry.

If we do like to ride park and backcountry and want something not as rigid as the Radar we have the possibility to choose a binding like the Supersport. It’s price point is definitely cheaper and it goes very well with boards such as the Cocktail (a surfy pow board), Team Kohei (mainly for pow and backcountry) or even the Squad (performing on rails and park).

Let's move on to the choice of softer bindings, which does not necessarily mean less performing but just having different types of objectives. If we like riding park with a more jibbing approach or like to carve or we want to take our style to a more fluid level, we need a binding with a softer flex. The Reload is for sure the best choice for you. This binding not only comes in various sizes to please everyone, regardless of gender, but it also has a really palatable price point. This binding is compatible with any all mountain and freestyle board but its complementary soul mate is the Tao Of Drake. A board and binding made for each other and attracted to both sexes with sizes suitable for both women and men. If, on the other hand, we want a park binding which is a bit cheaper and a little more rigid than the Reload, we can go for the Fifty which is equivalent to the women's Jade. The Fifty can be combined with boards such as the Battle Rusty, DF and Squad.

if our goal is to spend less as possible but having a good first choice, we can opt for the King. This binding is great for someone who wants to have a first start in riding. Its super easy to get in and out from and it has got a very comfortable feel. This binding goes really well with the League. A match made for progress.

Let’s go ahead and talk about women. How to choose the right binding for us? Here, too, the same concept applies to the type of riding we do. The choice in the women's range has three options: Reload, Jade and Queen. As we said earlier, Reloads are definitely the best choice for all mountain riding, park and street jibbing. They are easy to assemble and to find your favorite stance. Not only that, but with the new strap they allow us an ultra comfort that is truly unprecedented. Very easy to strap on and get out. Super comfy on the top of our feet. Even the Jade are built to be comfortable and responsive but the difference being is that they are only for women so sizes will be smaller and with a more flexible highback. I would recommend them to all girls who definitely want to progress with their level of riding. I’d pair them up with performing boards like the DFL PRO and the DFL. Having said that, it is also true that these bindings are really versatile and can also be combined well with the Misty which is a more jibbing kind of board. They’re very light and make jumping on rails and boxes super easy. If, on the other hand, we really have a limited budget and are beginners, we can choose the Queen. It’s a binding which has good stability and it’s super easy to manoeuvre. A good first choice. As a board match, we are going to choose something easy and preferably twin tip to help us when riding switch. The Charm in the women's collection combined with the Queen are perfect combinations for a first set up.