With the arrival of autumn and the first rains, cycling becomes more and more of a problem. What is one of the most annoying things when cycling? As far as I'm concerned, wet feet. Temperatures start to drop and the chances of being caught in a rainstorm increase. That is why technical cycling clothing becomes even more important. One of the most important things is to have shoes that keep our feet dry and warm.
In 1976, two US textile entrepreneurs invented what was to become one of the most popular fabrics for all outdoor enthusiasts. We are talking about Gore-Tex, a synthetic fabric with high waterproof and breathable capabilities, composed of thermally expanded polytetrafluoethylene.
How does Gore-Tex work?
The peculiarity of Gore-Tex is that it is a highly breathable yet waterproof fabric. This is made possible by the more than 1.4 billion pores per square centimetre. These holes being 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water make the fabric waterproof. However, the holes are 700 times larger than a molecule of water vapour, thus allowing it to escape.

Why choose a Gore-Tex shoe?

Gore-Tex cycling shoes have the advantage of keeping your feet dry, even in the harshest conditions. As temperatures drop, having a fabric that is waterproof but also breathable becomes even more important, because with dry feet you won't risk finding your toes frozen after a few kilometres. The damp feeling will be just a bad memory and you can finally enjoy your bike rides even when the weather conditions are not the most favourable.
In addition to thermal comfort, Gore-Tex has the advantage of being a lightweight and ultra-thin fabric that will not affect your performance.

Which shoes in Gore-Tex?

Did you know that Northwave was the first brand to use Gore-Tex for its cycling shoes? We have been working with Gore-Tex since 2005 to offer you high quality products. We currently have more than ten models in Gore-Tex to meet the needs of all cyclists from amateurs to professionals, and from those who love the road to those who are not happy if they don't get at least a little dirty.

Gore-Tex All Mountain Shoes

The Kingrock Plus GTX is our new shoe designed for All Mountain. The Koala Gore-Tex membrane combines excellent breathability with total waterproofing. The Vibram Wolftrax sole allows you to unleash every single watt of power to the pedals. The Multicross Mid GTX also features the Koala Gore-Tex membrane, but unlike the Kingrock Plus they are perfect for use with flat pedals thanks to the Vibram Fort William sole.
The X-Celsius Arctic GTX, also equipped with the Koala Gore-Tex membrane, feature the Michelin Explorer sole which offers excellent grip on all types of surfaces, dry or wet.
All of these models feature the new Easyfit collar, which further increases thermal insulation, helping to keep your feet even warmer.
If you are looking for a pair of collarless All Mountain cycling shoes you should check out the X-Trail Plus GTX with the Prism S 3ly membrane made by Gore-Tex.

Gore-Tex Cross Country Shoes

The Flagship GTX are the top of our Cross Country line. The Duratherm Kelvin Gore-Tex membrane provides total water protection combined with excellent breathability. The two rotors allow you to sew yourself into this shoe, and thanks to the Michelin Hyperlight XC outsole you'll be able to exert all the force you need to tackle the steepest climbs.
The Extreme Xc GTX is equipped with the same membrane as the Flagship, but is slightly less racing than the Flaghsip. Finally, if you are not interested in top performance but are looking for a quality product that keeps your feet dry you might be more interested in the Celsius Xc (also available in an Arctic version).

Gore-Tex road shoes

If, on the other hand, you are a road cyclist and are looking for shoes that allow you to push yourself to the max on your rides, without worrying about the weather conditions, the Extreme R GTX with its Duratherm Kelvin Gore-Tex membrane are the ideal choice for you. Again, if you are not looking for maximum performance but still want a shoe that performs and keeps your feet dry you might be interested in the Celsius R (also in Arctic version). These shoes feature the Koala Gore-Tex membrane in the Arctic version and the Pique Gore-Tex membrane in the 'normal' version.