Choosing the ideal clothing for your rides on your road bike or mountain bike is crucial, this applies during both colder periods and warmer months. Protecting yourself from UV rays and wearing cycling apparel that offers excellent ventilation and made from quality materials allows you to perform better and enjoy your bike ride to the fullest. Northwave, Italy's leading brand in the production of shoes and clothing in cycling, is able to offer everything a cyclist needs, both road bike and mtb products.

If you're looking for everything a cycling enthusiast needs to dress their best, you've come to the right place. Wearing comfortable and professional cycling clothing is essential to enjoy your bike rides to the fullest.

Even during the summer season, mountain bike owners are most likely to find themselves in mountain locations. Consequently, you cannot think of wearing a simple summer cycling jersey, but it is essential to equip yourself with a jacket that can keep you warm but at the same time having the ability to open it easily, and above all that is windproof, rainproof and allows excellent breathability. Within the Northwave collection you can find different models of mountain bike jackets, in different colors but with guaranteed quality. Take advantage of the outlet section of the Northwave store, you can buy your jacket with a 30% discount.

Under the mtb jacket you obviously need to wear a mtb jersey. Northwave offers different models of mountain bike jerseys, both long-sleeved and short-sleeved. Numerous colors are also available, so that a large number of fans and sportsmen can be satisfied. Garments made by Northwave use the best materials available on the market, ensuring optimal performance, excellent tear resistance and breathability at the highest level.

Another essential garment during mountain bike rides and to which special attention should be paid are the shorts. Made of abrasion-resistant, stretchy and breathable material, they allow genuine freedom of movement. Northwave's pants are equipped with pockets, and this technical garment is ideal for those riders who are looking for a pair of pants with an outdoor look and Made in Italy design.

A mtb jacket, shorts and jersey are the basis of cycling apparel for the summer, but to have a truly complete outfit you also need to equip yourself with a suitable pair of gloves and socks. Northwave gloves are made of quality materials, the hands are protected but at the same time the material from which the gloves are made is extremely breathable, ideal for hot weather. We must not forget the mtb socks, which are made to provide the best possible comfort and which, thanks to the mesh allows the foot to breathe. The materials used ensure a natural bacteriostatic balance, preventing the formation of bad odors. All mtb-related clothing can also be used for gravel bike enthusiasts.

Clothing for mountain bike enthusiasts obviously differs from clothing for road bike enthusiasts. Consequently, it is necessary to have cycling apparel specifically for this specialty. Northwave offers several models of jerseys made specifically to balance excellent breathability with optimal performance. The presence of a zipper, back pockets and reflective inserts ensure an absolute quality cycling jersey for the wearer. Both bright and darker tone colors allow for a wide range of choices.

Shorts and bibshorts should be part of every cyclist's equipment. Soft padding, record breathability and snug, stretchy materials allow anyone to be comfortable in their cycling outfit. Orienting oneself to cycling gloves and socks made specifically for this purpose is necessary to ride thousands of kilometers on one's bike, in total comfort and wearing quality products from a world-recognized brand such as Northwave.

Finally, it is necessary to mention Northwave's Custom Project, which involves the creation of 100% Made in Italy custom technical apparel, so that teams and bike enthusiasts can wear the same customized clothing. Every process related to the creation of the custom apparel is followed by the dedicated department, after agreeing with the customer on every aspect related to its creation. Create your custom cycling jersey with Northwave.