Running all year round on your mountain bike or racing bike?

Running year-round on your mountain bike or road bike? You can thanks to Northwave's winter shoes. During the harshest times of the year, wearing shoes equipped with a GORE-TEX membrane keeps your feet warm and dry. Northwave's experience in making winter cycling shoes has exceeded 20 years, so much so that it has positioned itself as a leader in making this specific footwear.

Twelve models of winter mtb shoes and four models of winter road cycling shoes by Northwave to allow anyone to choose the footwear they prefer. Different colors and models, and collaborations with major brands to elevate the quality of Northwave products even higher.

Partnerships with top companies such as Michelin and Vibram for the sole, GORE-TEX for cold and rain resistance, and Primaloft for unique thermal insulation and breathability. You can hardly find such a wide selection of mountain bike and road bike shoes anywhere else. Northwave's patented SLW3 rotor or dual rotor allows a step-by-step gradual release that allows pinpoint adjustments to the shoe's closure during use, even when wearing winter gloves.

The creation of these winter cycling shoes was also made possible by the know-how gained after years of designing snowboard boots. The study of new models and new collaborations is always ongoing, so much so that two new winter mountain bike shoe models are finally available.

MTB winter shoes

These are the Kingrock Plus GTX, equipped with a Vibram sole that provides absolute grip and stability, a Gore-Tex membrane to allow the shoe excellent water and wind resistance, the Easyfit collar to be able to put the shoe on with extreme ease, and finally the SLW3 rotor.

The other new model is the Multicross Mid GTX, which is available in both brown and black, and again features the Vibram sole suitable for flat pedals, and the Gore-Tex membrane. The closure system involves the use of laces, and the toe of the shoe features additional TPU reinforcement.

The other Northwave models suitable for Trail / All Mountain are the X-Celsius Arctic GTX, the X-Trail Plus GTX, the X-Magma Core, and the Himalaya, each with unique features. The X-Celsius Arctic GTX is Northwave's winter shoe also suitable for wide plants. The sole is made in collaboration with Michelin, and the Gore-Tex membrane provides absolute comfort and excellent breathability and water resistance. The shoe also includes the comfortable collar that increases mobility and foot protection. The X-Trail Plus GTX unlike the previous model, is a winter mtb shoe ideal for those with a narrower sole of the foot. This product also features a Michelin sole, SLW3 rotor and Gore-Tex membrane. If your feet particularly fear the cold, the X-Magma Core is the shoe for you. Collaboration with Primaloft has resulted in a shoe that is able to keep your feet warm and dry even on the coldest days. They are also ideal for e-bike riding. For several years now, one of the most popular winter shoes has been Northwave's Himalaya, consisting of a water repellent protective film upper and Thinsulate lining to provide unparalleled thermal insulation. The sole is made in collaboration with Michelin, and rubber reinforcements in the most exposed areas allow the shoe to provide all-around foot protection.

Six are Northwave winter shoes for suitable for cross country: Flagship GTX, Extreme XC GTX, Celsius XC Arctic GTX, Celsius XC GTX, Magma XC Core and Magma XC Rock.

The Flagship GTX is made for those seeking superior comfort and performance. Hard to find better in the market. Double SLW3 rotor, Michelin all-carbon sole and Duratherm Kelvin lining offers the best thermal insulation in the Gore-Tex range ensuring breathability and weather protection are just some of the specifics of this winter XC shoe. The Extreme XC GTX is the ideal shoe for those who want a quality product at a more affordable price. It is a shoe that features carbon inserts in the sole, the use of patented XFrame technology to eliminate pressure points on the upper, and is equipped with the SLW3 rotor.

Celsius XC Arctic GTX and Celsius XC GTX are similar in design. Among the differences, the former model is ideal for extremely cold climates, while the latter is suitable for the winter season if temperatures do not drop below freezing. Both are water and wind resistant, and for those interested in a winter XC shoe, this is definitely a shoe to consider.

Magma XC Core and Magma XC Rock are the last 2 available models of Northwave's XC mtb shoes. If you wish to ride with a warm foot, this shoe is for you. The first model also has a collar, to increase the thermal insulation of the foot and ankle even more.

Winter road shoes

Instead, Four are Northwave's winter road shoes: the Extreme R GTX, Celsius R Arctic GTX, Celsius R GTX and Magma R Rock. If you're aiming for performance, the Extreme R GTX is the shoe for the job. The 100% carbon insert in the pedal area allows you to transfer every watt of power. Equipped with the Easyfit collar, Gore-Tex membrane, the upper has the patented XFrame construction, and the SLW3 rotor is also available to adjust the closure. Celsius R Arctic GTX and Celsius R GTX are 2 very similar models in terms of appearance, with the difference being that the former model is suitable for extremely low temperature environments. Your feet will thank you and you can enjoy riding your bike to the fullest. Both models are equipped with Gore-Tex membrane and SLW3 rotor. Power transmission is provided by the NRG Air Carbon reinforced outsole with a stiffness index of 8.0. The last model available is the Magma R Rock, a winter road shoe that unlike the others does not have the characteristic collar. Thanks to the Primaloft lining, it is able to provide exceptional thermal insulation and breathability for the foot.

The choice is wide as you could see, now it's your turn. We are available for any information you need.