Choosing a gift for a cycling enthusiast is never an easy task. There is a lot of choice, and for the inexperienced, the risk that they will buy a poor quality product, perhaps lured by the low price is a real possibility. In this article you will find several suggestions, broken down on the basis of your budget, so that you can give your cyclist friend the bike item he or she has been longing for.

Before we begin, in case your experience toward the world of cycling is zero or you don't know which cycling or mountain bike shoe is right for your friend, I wanted to point out this opportunity. Northwave offers the possibility to give a Gift Card of different value (25€, 50€, 100€, 150€, 200€ and 250€) thus giving the opportunity for your friend to choose the shoe, clothing or accessory he/she prefers. Purchasing a Gift Card is super easy, you can find all the information here

If you are undecided on what to give as a gift, a Gift Card from Northwave is the best solution. Moving on to the cycling products inside the Northwave store, below you can find a number of suggestions related to both mtb and road bike shoes as well as all Northwave branded clothing.


0 a 50

Northwave's Force short-sleeved jersey is ideal for rides on your road bike. Zipper, stretch fabric and 3 pockets make it one of our customers' most popular cycling jerseys. A popular comfortable short is Northwave's Force 2, which is also ideal for medium to long rides. The Vortex jacket is made of windproof fabric and also offers slight water resistance, thanks to the water-repellent treatment.

Numerous accessories can be purchased in this price range, including Northwave's technical gloves and socks, which are made especially for cyclists who are passionate about both mountain biking and road cycling. Northwave gloves and socks are available in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can satisfy all tastes. Not only gloves and socks, cycling products such as shoe covers, leggings, sleeves and headgear are available within

Among replacement parts, you can find plates to transform MTB shoes suitable for SPD pedals to MTB shoes suitable for flat pedals, SLW3 rotor replacement parts, laces and cleats. Everything you need to get the most out of a bike.

50 to 100

The Corsair MTB shoe is one of Northwave's most popular products among our customers because of its unbeatable quality/price. Equipped with SLW3 rotor and closure strap, it easily fits the foot of every trail and all mountain enthusiast. The Core 2 is a road cycling shoe that combines comfort and performance in one shoe. Compatible with SPD pedals, small holes along the entire surface ensure optimal foot ventilation. The Spike 3 is Northwave's race made for XC. Strap closure and natural rubber outsole allow for maximum grip at all times.

Not only cycling shoes, inside the store you can also buy cycling apparel.

The Edge short-sleeved jersey is one of the most popular products among MTB enthusiasts. It is exceptionally breathable and made to ensure fast drying. Not only jerseys for mountain biking, at you can also find jerseys for road cycling such as the Blade Air short-sleeved jersey. This is a shirt that allows you to maintain a stable temperature during bike rides, and the sleeves made with microperforations ensure breathability and ventilation.

The Extreme H2O is the ideal jacket for outings in the rain. The 3-layer fabric allows you to both stay dry and provide excellent freedom of movement. There are also 3 back pockets to put everything you need. Northwave's edge short is made of technical fabric, so it provides maximum freedom of movement and minimal weight. It is ideal for mountain bike rides.

100 to 200

In the range between 100€ and 200€ within there are numerous products, related to the mountain bike world, the gravel bike world and the road bike world. Below we will suggest you some models belonging to the different disciplines, among those that are best sellers on the site.

Among the products we suggest, the Revolution 3, a shoe with 100% carbon sole and double rotor, should definitely be mentioned. It is available in 3 colors (white, silver and black). The Core Plus 2 is another road shoe with a more affordable price. For only €119 your friend can get a performance road shoe that is both comfortable and breathable. For those with a wide sole, the Origin Plus 2 Wide is also available.

With reference to the XC category, it is impossible not to suggest the Rebel 3, a comfortable and versatile shoe on all types of terrain. Sole with 100% carbon insert ensures optimal perfomance, and TPU inserts ensure the robustness of the shoe.

The Spider Plus 3 is a shoe suitable for trail or all mountain, and the sole in collaboration with Michelin guarantees an absolute quality product. Excellent grip and optimal shoe ventilation allow you to get hold of a product with fantastic value for money.

Northwave's Rockster shoe is made specifically for gravel riding. This is a discipline with an ever-growing number of fans, and as a result we decided to make a shoe specifically for this activity practiced on gravel roads.

With a little more than 100€, you can also buy a technical enduro jacket by Northwave. This is a product with a made in Italy design and made with quality materials.

over 200€

Among the products that cost more than 200€, it is impossible not to mention the Extreme Pro 2 and the Extreme XC, two of Northwave's high-end models dedicated to the road and the Mountain Bike XC category, respectively. These are two models that guarantee absolute top-level performance and unique design. We are confident that your friend will be extremely enthusiastic about such a gift.

At a lower price, but still above 200€, you can find the Extreme GT3 and the Extreme XCM 2. The first shoe is aimed at road bike enthusiasts, while the second again is aimed at fans of the XC category Marathon version (hence the name XCM).

Then we must not forget Northwave's winter shoes, a product always sought after by bike enthusiasts. For the road bike the model we recommend is the Celsius R Arctic Gtx, for the XC category is the Celsius Xc Arctic Gtx and for the trail/all mountain category we suggest the X-Celsius Arctic Gtx model.