Have you ever had to give up a bike ride because of rain? With Northwave's rain shoes and clothing, you can go out in all weather conditions. Decades of experience in making cycling shoes and apparel and snowboarding products have enabled us to design products that can withstand any situation.

Leading the way in making winter cycling shoes and being the first to partner with Gore-Tex® to create technical shoes allowed us to be able to create shoes that truly resisted water. Once the shoes were made, we then decided to also produce a whole series of technical cycling apparel items that would allow enthusiasts and professionals to race even in the rain in total safety.

In fact, rain is one of the weather conditions that most frightens the most inexperienced cyclists. The fear of getting completely wet is of course there, but if you decide to buy technical, water-resistant cycling shoes and clothing, the chances of getting home completely dry are very high.

The first aspect to consider is the shoes. Do you want to run all year round and need a suitable shoe? Northwave's X-Trail Plus GTX is the mountain bike shoe you are looking for. It is a shoe equipped with the special Gore-Tex® membrane, which provides the shoe's waterproofing, wind resistance and high breathability. The Michelin outsole provides excellent grip on all terrains. The closure includes Northwave's patented SLW3 system, which allows a millimeter closure of the shoe even when riding your bike.

Pedaling in the rain and during winter? That, too, is possible thanks to Northwave's winter shoes. Numerous models for XC, trail/all mountain and road can accommodate all needs. These shoes also possess the Gore-Tex® membrane, and are suitable for protecting your feet from both rain and cold.

Northwave does not specialize exclusively on creating water-resistant cycling shoes, but within the collection there are also water-resistant clothing products. Indeed, in Northwave's official store you can find jackets, pants, gloves and shoe covers. How to find water resistant products as well? Very simple, you can filter in the "weather conditions" section and select "rain". This way you will find all cycling clothing suitable for rain. Choosing clothing that keeps you dry, warm and is made to counteract the wind is definitely a key aspect when deciding to buy cycling products.

With reference to cycling jackets, numerous are the ones you can find on Northwave's official website. Different colors and models, suitable for both mountain and road bikes. We are sure you will be satisfied relative to the wide selection you can encounter on the site. Not only jackets, within the cycling pants section you meet different items, suitable for both professional and "commuting" use, suitable for everyday life. Northwave's experience in the industry and constant collaboration with professional athletes has resulted in technical products that are comfortable and attentive to all the needs of bicycle racers.

Buying rain accessories such as cycling gloves and shoe covers is definitely something to consider when you decide to ride your bike even in the rain. Using quality materials allows you to get home dry, which is not always the case with lower-end products. Like the clothing, you can also select the weather condition "rain" for these accessories so that only Northwave rainproof products are filtered out.

Should you have any doubts regarding the composition of the materials or their use, we are available for any clarification.