Follow our step-by-step video tutorials, from how to install a cover plate to how to replace a broken cable on your shoe. All the spare parts you need are available on our website.

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Install the Cover Plate

If you have ever wondered how to install the cover plate for your mtb soles, this video tutorial explains how to do it step by step.

Why use the covers? If you use flat pedals, installing covers to completely restore the sole will help you to protect the cleat area from shocks and dirt, as well as giving you total grip when riding or portage.

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Replace the Cable

Have you ever had a broken shoe closure cable and not known how to fix it? Now we have the ultimate guide to help you replace it.

Arm yourself with everything you need and follow our step-by-step video tutorial on how to replace the dial.

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Replace the Dial

It can happen, after heavy use or a fall, to lost the dial.

Don't worry, you will find the necessary spare parts on our website and this short video will help you install it correctly, in a few simple steps.

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Install the Speedplay adaptor

Do you need to install the Speedplay adapter on your new Northwave shoe?

You can buy the kit with everything you need on our website, then just follow the steps in this video tutorial and get in the saddle for new and exciting adventures.

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Install the SPD adaptor

Planning on switching to an Spd pedal but have no idea how to install the adapter on your Northwave shoe?

Don't worry, on our website you will find both the replacement part and this video to follow for the correct installation of the Spd adapter.

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