the legend continues

It wrote the history of XC racing and continues to be the preferred choice of the best cyclists in the world. The new Extreme XC 2 delivers unbeatable lightness and responsiveness, whether you are in a technical rock garden or struggling up a steep climb. Extreme XC 2 perpetuates the legend of Northwave mtb shoes.


ARS (Anatomic Reticular Support) technology provides an exoskeleton which swathes feet to the finest fit, adapting to individual foot types and transferring power to the pedal in an even and controlled way.

X-Dial SLW3

The double X-DIAL SLW3 and the new dual zone closure gives the possibility to differentiate pressure across the toe area and the top of the instep.

michelin Hyperlight XC sole

The Hyperlight XC sole in unidirectional carbon fibre developed in partnership with Michelin will make sure you can always count on speed and control.