Ride your way is a new series by Northwave to celebrate riding in all its styles. No labels can define you because riding is not just a sport but a way of living and you can choose your own.

No matter whether you get on the saddle to travel through dusted trails or you draw your line with the board on fresh powder or you choose the two-wheels to tackle the traffic jungle on the way to work. Just ride your way. Enjoy each second you spend riding as what matters is you and the path you choose to explore as a traveller, a passionate, an athlete, a commuter… or all of them.

episode one

w/ Andreas Seewald

For some of you getting on a bike means taking up a challenge to reach a new goal. Keeping the focus, day after day, on the self-improvement must be demanding for an athlete.

There’s more to know on the way a professional rider lives his passion for cycling… Get inspired by the day we spent with Andreas Seewald, the UCI World Champion in MTB Marathon 2021.

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Can you breathe
the scent of the forest?