northwave & acbc introduce the new tailwhip eco evo

Performance and sustainability meet in a new green version of the iconic Thailwhip

ride greener

The project with ACBC has the main goal of producing a new bike shoe model that introduces Northwave on the universe of circular materials.

Tailwhip Eco Evo, designed after the MTB shoes Tailwhip, suggests a contemporary skate style that fits for different moments and use, from the discovery of new trails to your everyday life at the office.

upper | 100% re-pet

The material used for the upper, tongue, laces and lining of the new Tailwhip Eco Evo are 100% RePet, a recycled polyester obtained from the tons of Pet bottles used and thrown every day.


The Hybrid flat sole of the Tailwhip Eco Evo, featuring Northwave with Michelin, keeps the high performing grip and shock absorption features, thanks to the Michelin ReRubber, a blend composed by virgin rubber and postproduction recycled rubber scraps.

  • Upper, lining and tongue are made of 100% RePET, recycled post-consumer polyester;
  • Insole top sheet made of 100% RePET, recycled post-consumer polyester;
  • Insole footbed partially made of 86% ReFOAM, recycled polyurethane foam;
  • Laces are made of l 100%  RePET, recycled post-consumer polyester;
  • Sole partially made of 26% ReRubber, recycled pre-consumer rubber chips;

RePET is derived from post consumer recycled PET bottles. Using recycled polyester  means saving a great amount of CO2 Compared to using virgin material and reduces the  problem of plastic in landfills and oceans.


ReRubber reduces the need of virgin fossil materials by blending post-production recycled rubber chips with its virgin rubber maintaining performance and durability.


ReFoam is technology gets us closer to the end goal of zero waste. The foam is composed from post-production waste material and water based glue. 

*Responsible materials have in their compositions an input of mass comprising sustainability characteristics

coming late june 2023

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