Ride your way is a new series by Northwave to celebrate riding in all its styles. No labels can define you because riding is not just a sport but a way of living and you can choose your own.

No matter whether you get on the saddle to travel through dusted trails or you draw your line with the board on fresh powder or you choose the two-wheels to tackle the traffic jungle on the way to work. Just ride your way. Enjoy each second you spend riding as what matters is you and the path you choose to explore as a traveller, a passionate, an athlete, a commuter… or all of them.

episode six

w/ Montanus The Wild Side

There was a time in our lives when we felt the need to explore wild and remote places to find what we call “ the wild side”.
Travelling on that same vehicle that led us, as kinds, in our first explorations.

That moment was the beginning of Montanus, an authentic instinct that pushed us to discover the mountains behind us, to know how much world there was beyond those peaks.
No words can describe the sight we caught.
Nine years ago we began a travel that led us to breathe the fresh air that fills lungs with freedom and accelerate your pulse. It’s been an experience that opened our eyes to extraordinary lands and reconnected us with the wildest nature.
Crossing the volcanic lands of Iceland and exploring the exceptional Patagonia are travels that change you to the core.
We don’t know where this surprising journey will lead us, but we know that Montanus has shown us a path… and we’ll keep following it.

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