Ride your way is a new series by Northwave to celebrate riding in all its styles. No labels can define you because riding is not just a sport but a way of living and you can choose your own.

No matter whether you get on the saddle to travel through dusted trails or you draw your line with the board on fresh powder or you choose the two-wheels to tackle the traffic jungle on the way to work. Just ride your way. Enjoy each second you spend riding as what matters is you and the path you choose to explore as a traveller, a passionate, an athlete, a commuter… or all of them.

episode two

w/ EF Nippo Development team

The cultural worth of cycling is the core value that brings these young world travellers together to support cycling as a rising opportunity, even in countries where this sport is not deeply rooted.

On the second episode a different perspective of cycling will be unveiled. The EF Education-EasyPost team gathers enthusiast athletes from all over the world. They ride with the same, impressive dedication to sport, yet they belong from different cultural and cycling background

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Let the road

be your playground