Jake Simpson         @jake_the_snake1
Joe Simpson           @brain_half_full
Alex Taferner           @tafernair
Dusan Kriz               @dusankriz
Simon Pircher          @simonpircher
Hrund Thor              @hrundur
Senna Van Drunen  @tweakh.art
Mehdi Soltane         @alpasdechiko
Tom Cordier             @_tomcordier
Marko Malsub.         @narko.nalsub

We present you FEARING BLISS, the latest movie made by our beloved Simpson Brothers and their entourage!
BLISS: "Reaching a state of perfect happiness, oblivious of everything else."
In search of bliss, we realised that we feared it.
Breaking a camera, deciding not to name shots, and in general trying to "break the mould" that we had gotten ourselves into, FEARING BLISS is letting go of invisible rules whilst striving for our best.