The “Tao of Drake” meaning quite literally the “Balance of Drake” seemed like quite a fitting name for our first ever unisex snowboard. 

But more importantly it stands as a very important statement and concept for our brand moving forward. It represents our current commitment to establishing the balance between women and men within our snowboard team and within our brand.

THE BIGGER PICTURE - More space for more women

Women’s snowboarding has not been supported properly for many years now, however opportunities and pathways for men have always been readily available. Some will argue this is because there are simply more male participants, which is true... but the question we should be asking is “why is this true...?”

“If you don’t plant the seed, let alone water it, what are you expecting to grow?” There has simply been a lack of investment from brands (including our own) in women’s snowboarding so naturally a lack of participation from women has been the result.

our mission

To transform snowboarding into a place where all people feel supported, invited and included. A community where equal opportunities are available to everyone

1. The same number of paid female and male athletes on our global snowboard team by December 2025.

2. Equal opportunities for the men and women on our snowboard team. example; opportunities to film together with the men on our pro team but also with International video production companies such as “Rusty Toothbrush and “The Simpson Brothers”

3. We want to see more women designing for women. example; snowboard graphics and boot colorways designed by females.

4. Equal representation on our media communication. example; females appearing as many times in our social media posts as their Male counterparts.

5. More unisex products for everyone.


“Tao of Beginnings” is the first of 3 videos (one video each year) that will follow Drake and it’s athletes towards achieving our main goal of a paid pro team made up of the equal number of males and females by 2025

Each video will feature the same number of female athletes as male athletes. All athletes will be put together on an action packed week of filming snowboarding together in the streets of the Czech Republic using the same unisex snowboard the “Tao of Drake” thus emphasising our commitment towards a more diverse and balanced snowboard team.