TEAM WIDE - 2023

TEAM WIDE - 2023

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Color: Multicolor
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The graphics of this year’s Team makes it really special, it is a tribute to the hands of God and Adam, the work of Michelangelo.

A true masterpiece in the art world, just like this board that is the favorite among our drivers.

It is our top of the range designed to give the best in various types of driving: it floats perfectly in fresh snow, curves well on the track and does not limit you in the laps in the park.

The Camber Smooth Classic has been developed to give stability and a feeling of safety on the board when going fast or in big jumps.

The carbon and kevlar strips placed along the entire length of the board offer a responsive and very fluid response from tip to tail. Everything is accompanied by a sintered plate that is the fastest in our collection.

Carbon roots
Directional twin
Sintra 8000
Smooth classic
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