Cycling Shoes


Northwave is a leader brand in the production of cycling shoes, mountain bike shoes, racing, road, triathlon, touring, Gore-Tex, all terrain and many other models of shoes for cycling. Discover athletes and cyclists who have chosen carbon cycling shoes by Northwave, leader in the production and sale of footwear, apparel and accessories to dress the rider from head to toe.

Cycling shoes: Product Line

A cycling shoes line that enhances the comfort in the saddle and products created to emphasize an attractive look guarantees that only Northwave’s 20 years of experience can ensure a true competitive edge. Choose your cycling shoes product line and ride as you are: Pro, Performance or Sport. Each designed to meet the specific needs of every rider. All sharing the passion and the qualities that characterize every detail of Northwave’s cycling shoes collection.

The character is evident from the name: PRO. Cycling shoes designed and conceived by interpreting the needs of the professionals. This line takes advantages from the most innovative technological advancements available, making use of cutting-edge solutions and ultra-light materials. Ideal for athletes who demand top performance from the products they choose. Because every detail can make the difference at the finish line.

A line of products inspired by the materials used by professionals. PERFORMANCE cycling shoes line is ideal for the competitors who love to challenge their own limits and overcome themselves when cycling. Those who look for ultra-lightweight and high-performance products should look no further. Targeted towards the enthusiast who fights to improve every day and reach their goals whilst looking for an accomplishment worthy of their idols.

Those who choose SPORT cycling shoes want to show their true passion for cycling. Every pedal stroke is an injection of energy to the body and spirit and has to be an unforgettable experience, even for those getting to grips with their "first rides".

Cycling shoes: key features

Northwave cycling shoes are built around 4 milestones: performance, lightness, breathability and aerodynamic.

BioMap by Northwave is the beating heart of Northwave products applied to cycling, a sport that is practiced for many hours consecutively, to allow the athlete to fully express the maximum muscle power at its disposal, improving the efficiency, namely the ratio between the energy strain and resistance that must be overcome. Each gained gram translates into speed, better performance and less fatigue. Multiplied by thousands of pedal strokes it can become a key success factor

This is how we implemented BioMap technology to our cycling shoes:

  • Each element of our cycling shoes is designed to keep the foot in the correct position while pedaling, transmitting the force directly on the pedals without loss of energy.
  • The soles have reduced thickness and calibrated stiffness increases because, as shown by several scientific findings, the mechanical energy transfer action from the cycling shoes to the pedal is concentrated in a small area. Consequently, the thrust area, to be more effective, has to be placed next to the pedal.
  • The use of thermowelded constructions eliminate stitching from the upper resulting in a more anatomical fitting and a better envelopment of the foot. This cycling shoes technology developed by Northwave permits the implementation of larger air vents that provide improved comfort while pedaling.
  • The vents have been strategically placed along the upper and the sole, to work as an integrated system designed to provide a constant air flow.
  • The straps have been lightened by all the superfluous material
  • The integrated heel provides an excellent retention avoiding the use of further elements.
  • We extended our advanced AirFlow System technology to our whole cycling shoes collection:
  • All the road soles implement large air vents, in order to create an efficient air circulation both incoming and outgoing.
  • Micro perforations positioned along strategic points of the upper allow an effective aeration, without overlapping materials with the additional benefit of a weight reduction of the cycling shoes. 

Cycling shoes: main technologies

ADAPTAFIT Avantgarde tongueless construction. Adaptafit envelops the foot like a glove, with no pressure points and overlapping material. The elastic mesh perfectly adapts to every shape of the foot, always ensuring maximum comfort of the cycling shoes.

SLW2 MICROMETRIC CLOSING SYSTEM Maximum precision and modularity. The innovative step by step closure means you can tighten and enlarge the fit of your cycling shoes in a few moments. The side button provides a dual function: by pressing, it features a micrometric release and lifting it allows a complete and immediate opening of the shoe. The ergonomic shape of the S.L.W. 2 ratchet follows the anatomy of the foot to make it really comfortable.

THERMOWELDED VENTS Large mesh inserts have been directly thermowelded on the upper framework of the cycling shoes. The unibody construction allows us to exploit this particular technology that eliminates seams and overlaps of materials so as to reduce the weight and thickness of the upper.

SPEEDPLAY ADAPTOR The shortest distance between foot and pedal on the market. Northwave developed and patented, in collaboration with Speedplay, an exclusive adaptor for its cycling shoes that provides maximum power transmission on pedals, thanks to the reduced thickness of just 0.5mm rather the 3mm of the traditional Speedplay adaptors.

INTEGRATED HEEL SYSTEM The new unibody construction of the uppers allowed to integrate an efficient heel retention system inside the structure, without the need of external elements. Same efficiency, reduced weight thanks to the cycling shoes by Northwave

ASYMMETRICAL CLOSING SYSTEM The asymmetrical construction is another innovation of the collection. The central strap is moved to the center so as to follow the anatomy of the foot and reduce the pressure on the side area, because particularly sensitive.

SUPERLIGHT STRAPS The straps have been lightened by all superfluous elements, presenting thinner thicknesses and discharged central areas, thereby maintaining maximum grip.

SHOES TECHNOLOGY NO SLIP HEEL The interior of the upper in the heel area has been lined with a specific gripping material whose fibers oriented in a single way facilitate the entrance but at the same time prevent the heel from slipping, providing a perfect foot hold. Visit the new website to find out more about the Northwave cycling shoes, download our catalogue and find your dealer.

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