Northwave is a leading manufacturer of cycling shoes, cycling accessories, cycling apparel, cycling sunglasses and helmets. One area where the brand really stands out is the production of the best cycling shoes, mountain bike shoes, triathlon, touring, winter specific, all terrain and many other models of shoes for cycling. 
Northwave’s research, experience, and professional riders’ feedbacks helped to develop dedicated technologies and materials, pursuing the maximum performance for the best cycling shoes.
Those who choose the Italian brand know that they will find their perfect matching best cycling shoes whatever their level and in every season, starting with cutting-edge, high-end performance products.
Best Cycling shoes: Pro, Performance and Sport
A cycling shoes line that enhances the comfort in the saddle and the power transmission directly to the pedals with products emphasizing an attractive look. This is the guarantee that only Northwave’s 20 years of experience side by side of the top riders can ensure, leaning to a true competitive edge on the production of the best cycling shoes. The best cyclists choose the best cycling shoes. Choose your cycling shoes product line and ride as you are: Pro, Performance or Sport. Each designed to meet the specific needs of every rider.
The character is evident from the name: PRO. Interpreting all the specific needs of the professionals, these are nothing less than the best cycling shoes on the market. This line takes advantages from the most innovative technological advancements available, making use of cutting-edge solutions and ultra-light materials. Those who look for ultra-lightweight and high-performance products should look no further. 
Those who choose PERFORMANCE cycling shoes select a product inspired by the materials and the constructions used by the professionals. Featuring an excellent quality/value ratio, Performance shoes are the best cycling shoes in their category.
Those who choose SPORT cycling shoes line want to show their true passion for cycling through the choice of the best cycling shoes. Every pedal stroke is an injection of energy to the body and spirit and has to be an unforgettable experience, even for those getting to grips with their "first rides".
Best Cycling shoes: key features
To produce the best cycling shoes, focused around 4 milestones: performance, lightness, breathability and aerodynamic.
BioMap by Northwave is the beating heart of Northwave’s products applied to cycling: a distinctive feature that allows considering our shoes as the best cycling shoes. 
Your energies are valuable and can’t be wasted. The sole, the upper and every single component of our best cycling shoes are anatomically compatible with the foot of every cyclist and are designed to keep the foot in the correct position while pedaling, transmitting the force directly to the pedals without wasting energy.
Northwave is the best choice for every kind of cyclist, from the road lover, to the Mtb enthusiast. The best cyclists choose the best cycling shoes: take a look at our website and discover which will be your best cycling shoes!

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